I got to editing on the new Uncle Pete’s Play Time clips, got 2 out of 3 cut. Already sent them off to the animator. Today will be working with the unfinished Movie Cliché segments too. More importantly, I’ve got a script in my head that is reaching what I call the fermentation point. Right around this time 15 years ago, I had writer’s block bad. 1999 was a fallow year with no writing getting done. That is until I got a phone call from a film company in New York and they commissioned me to write a series of short films with death as the theme. I did, but never got paid, so eventually I started making all the short scripts I wrote that one day.

One of the scripts that never got shot has been occurring to me at various moments. Whether it’s in a dream, on the way to work, or while I am editing; something just pops into the head. Because of what this script is, I would be working with a lot of people I haven’t worked with before. I think it’s the next narrative thing I make.

Things are still percolating….

“Love can mend your life but love can break your heart”
– The Police

Framelines TV – Multi-camera edit – Camino Fuente from Jim Shoots on Vimeo.

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