Okay, as is usual with me, and what also in typical fashion, makes the most interest to my faithful readers, the Acolytes of Boo, I have a new stalker. You will be pleased to know that it has already reached the point where I the police are now involved. I shan’t go into too much detail, as it feels a bit crass at this point, since I’ve got to go to the city prosecutor’s office to file charges. Basically, it’s not unlike the stories I’ve already told, and quite frankly this guy is no different than anyone else in the “TOTAL WACK JOB” category I’ve dealt with. He’s another obsessive freak who reads every blog entry of mine, watches all my movies, sees the TV interviews, reads the articles, and then writes bitter vitriol of envy. Sadly, this is not the first person to do this, and I’m not even famous.

For me, I just can’t comprehend this morbid fascination with me. I guess the hypocritical nature of the comments, “I don’t care about you…” but then getting so upset over every thing I say or do. The contradictions of, “When I hate something I make fun of it.” But showing such genuine anger, hatred and emotion towards me – let’s say it culminates into an ugly portrait. It recently went into pure insanity at the ON THE LOT website where this person was kicked out of the competition and off the site for making attacks on me and constantly violating the rules. I never once called this person a name or even reviewed his movie. There’s some kind of rivalry in his imagination.

When I hate something or someone, I tend to just ignore it, at least until they write things about me personally. I detest Michael Bay’s movies, and what I’ve read of him makes him seem like someone I wouldn’t like. How do I cope with this emotion? I don’t pay to see his movies. It’s the ultimate revenge. I just can’t relate to this, “If I hate someone’s work or what they stand for… so I’m going to obsess over everything they say and do. I’m going to haunt them for the rest of their life. I’m going to email them all the time. I will dedicate myself to writing about them in my journal ceaselessly. I will one day show the world who I think they really are!!!!!!”. This kind of insanity fascinates me.

My flaws are twofold. Number one, I love a good debate/argument, and I’d be a moron if I didn’t admit that I have a thing about having the last word. It’s a problem, and one I’m aware of. See, I got the last word in on THAT too! I am opinionated and I feel like expressing the completeness of my point of view. Yes, of course there is ego in that. I respect other points of view, but I want to be convinced with facts & details like it’s a courtroom.

The second flaw, the one that is far more potentially damaging is that I find these kind of people’s fascination and deep feelings of anger SO absurd that I make fun of it, thus provoking the situation. I can’t help myself to think that people like the latest crazy is so mentally imbalanced or with such a whacked set of values that it’s impossible to relate to. I can’t fathom the thought that someone care so much about someone they don’t know. So I respond to emails I should just delete. I try to convince them that their view of me is not accurate. I try to explain myself to people who already formed an opinion and are so blinded by jealousy, that they feel righteous.

To sum up, I stopped being fascinated with this one. The first thing I did today was file a police report. This morning, Officer Hollis came by and we looked it over and I filled out the paperwork and it’s now official. I have to go down this afternoon to the City Prosecutors Office to see this taken all the way. After viewing the emails, the moderator’s full co-operation and providing me with the records, they feel that this is serious enough to open a case and deal with it. My ISP is also taking action to work with his ISP about the legalities of any kind of harassment and the illegalities of even inferring that he will

People are all ballsy and powerful on the Internet. Hopefully the visit later this week from the cops will bring a swift end to this obsession. This is how I will handle all the crazies from now on. I won’t poke fun at their problems. I will try to just hand it over as soon as it looks like a problem.

In other news, the trip to Europe will be a blast. Doing this kind of research for a feature is the best. I LOVE what I do and this is the kind of trip that opens your mind and you let your soul take in the culture and light. My spirit soars at being at a place like the Louvre where all that art and history resides.

I’m accomplishing so many goals these days. It feels good. All the money, all the material things, they don’t mean anything. It’s the little things like having my boy “V” fall asleep on my shoulder like a child, or the way one of the Interns brings warmth into the house, and a genuine sense of teamwork can be felt. All that, and what I appreciate the most is having the love of a beautiful woman. Knowing I have someone that supports me, financially and spiritually, and that I am there for her too and we unite as a team to make our dreams come true. It makes you unstoppable, unbeatable in a way. That’s why I don’t sweat the crazies. They can’t stop that.

Peace acolytes.

To better days,

Peter John Ross

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