Alas, it never rains but it pours. I’m buried in an avalanche of paid editing work, teaching, and now personal projects, not to mention the PBS show Framelines. There simply are not enough hours in a day to keep me ahead of the train headed at me. Plus, I need me some serious beauty sleep as I have not lost nearly enough weight yet. Miles to go they say. I want to get a few more Cell Phone Monologues shot too. The goal has always been to make a few then get other people to do some too. I got derailed by my stupid personal life and a creative drought that makes the Sahara look like Sea World. We’ll see what happens over the next few weeks as deadlines loom and work will get off my table.

I may even proceed with a video podcast series to get a couple of those at least shot and in the queue. Now with my pal George coming back in a few days, we’ll probably write and shoot a few more episodes of UNCLE PETE’S PLAYTIME. I’m going to open up the writing process a lot more to George and bringing in Joe Teeters as well and I’ll just direct and produce more than write. Is it ego therapy or laziness? You the reader can decide. I’m too busy to delve too deeply.

I’m going off without a net in some ways. I still don’t have a “team” or a consistent support group, but I am not without friends. I can rely on several people to make these projects go. I proceed with the assumption I will find who I need.

The buzz from being on set the other day hasn’t died off. Teaching represents a different kind of buzz and not the same thing at all. I am being told by people that they are seeing me on TV more often, so Framelines/Clip Frames still gets air time.

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