Got sick again this week. Not fun. Got well enough to attend the Columbus International Film and Animation Festival where my short film TOUCHING KIDS played. Pretty good sized crowd and I was most pleased with the audience response. After the Colony Film Fest, I got a good sense of where the notes get played and it was the same here. There’s a moment in the film about a minute in that really lets the audience know what kind of movie they are watching. It gives permission to laugh and thankfully, they do.

I have officially stopped tinkering with that short film. No matter what temptations occur, I have to move on and get to work on the next thing. I have a location scout this coming week for one short film, and one of the other ones I developed but never wrote is on deck as well.

For the dramatic short film, I am working with a stellar cast and crew. I’ve been refining my 4K camera rig quite a bit. The Blackmagic Designs URSA Mini records to Cfast (Compact Flash) media, which is expensive and does not hold a lot of data. The cards are incredible expensive. I found a nice device made in China that lets me convert the Cfast slots into a box that records to Solid State Drives.

For my multicam business, I also acquired two new Blackmagic Designs Cinema cameras that shoot 2.5K and they use the same lens mounts as my existing lens packages. I got some new cases for them and tried them out on Almost Adequate last week. They came with their own SSD drives, so I am swimming in solid state recording now.

I still need to create more for myself. I’m considering scaling down and doing some shorter, sketch comedy-ish shorts on my own, like almost entirely alone with maybe a gaffer. I am NOT a cinematographer and have never claimed to be. I have this gear and I have some ideas that I want to turn into reality. Maybe just to do it, I will start to make these and test what I CAN do.

This one Idea has been percolating for about six months. It’s not some important work of art. Just something I find amusing and might make my test project for using the camera, shooting myself, and hammering out as a possible creative process.

To compare it to musical terms, this would be a “non-album single” as opposed to a more serious track.