As some things slow down, the good stuff speeds up. Yesterday was the first light day I’ve had in over a month and today is the first day off I’ve had in 5 weeks. We shot a new podcast yesterday. I threw something together that is important, and not originally planned. I’ve found a new source for material for these things that I had forgotten about. I think the Sonnyboo Podcast will become my legacy long after I am gone. I like that I have held up my promise to myself to make more material, no matter what. Even if it’s me talking into a camera on a greenscreen; just do it. Keep making more movies. I don’t care if it’s :30 seconds or 4 hours or anything in between; a movie is a movie. I won’t stop. Not for air, not for complaints, not for anyone or anything.

I feel pretty invincible at the moment. Hitting the parks for walks. Getting a lot done. Making money. Entering festivals. Screening things I’ve made. Experimenting with new cooking methods for food. Hanging out with a select few who I enjoy talking to.

Life is good. It will be even better tomorrow when I get this Sonnyboo Podcast finished and online with some animation and music.

“Whatever will be, will be. The future’s not ours to see”
– Doris Day

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