I’m trying to work this out in my brain, as I’m not really the brightest bulb. The latest controversy in my local film community is me making fun of the love of controversy by making up entirely fictitious controversial taglines for this, the world’s most boring blog ever? Apparently, that really is a topic of conversation. No, not the latest films I’ve put out there, not the clips from the TV show on filmmaking, not a conversation about the topics from the podcast – THIS is what the local film community is talking about – with all the courage it takes to do so behind my back.

And people wonder why Columbus filmmaking isn’t taken seriously….. such a mystery! In all seriousness – this blog is not promotion. The ludicrous statements I make on Facebook as to the blog are a form of protest. People like all the drama. It’s proven in that the more controversial the solicitation, the more views about what my cats are doing or what I edited last night.

I’ll go ahead and say it – people are stupid. Yes, I am mocking you, mercilessly. You come here looking for pointless drama – and you are DISAPPOINTED to read about my accomplishments or slam me for loving my cats. I think this speaks much more about your character than mine.

I guess something else pointed out to me, when I say something like “Guess which producer got caught cheating on his spouse!”, it never occurred to me that might be true and they would actually think I was making a veiled reference to their actual activities. I guess my response to that criticism is, don’t cheat on your wife? Maybe then the paranoia over a random unrelated blog post won’t ruffle your feathers.

I’m trying very hard to understand the anger or concern here. How was anyone anywhere hurt by me saying “Guess who cheated on a film contest!” when – no one cheated on a film contest that I know of, and then the content of this blog does not delve into such speculation? And more importantly, why does anyone else care what I write?

And the final, most poignant question – why are you such cowards to criticize behind my back, but not to me?

In my quest to understand jealousy, as was pointed out to me, I don’t think it’s a coincidence that these conversations started in the last few months – as opposed to the last 2-3 years I have been making outrageous claims as to the content of this blog.

It makes no logical sense to me for people to say (courageously behind my back) that I suck, I am not relevant, and that’s why I have to make these posts to get attention…. but the worry is that it reflects so poorly on the film community as a whole…. Huh? How does THAT work? My films and videos are irrelevant, but a private post on FB damages the entire community?

Boy it explains why this really has become a disappointment of a film community that making fun of people’s love of drama has itself become the drama Du Jour. If people in this city put in 1/10th the effort into making movies as they do the drama – we’d out produce NYC, LA, and Vancouver for film production.

Are you an actual real-life friend of mine? Do we actually converse on a regular basis? If the answer is no – then I have absolutely no clue why you’re here reading this. I’m not a celebrity, I’m not famous, and I’m not trying to be. I don’t write the blogs for you. I probably don’t read your blog or even care what you do.

If you’re reading this blog, ask yourself why. If you actually have the slightest emotion to either the logline that brought you here or something written therein, I’m afraid I don’t have any answers. My only suggestion would be to stop reading. Unfriend or stop following me on social media. It will be shocking how little you care if you can’t see anything I post.

Here’s the thing – if I had made a racist joke or had written something actually offensive – I would apologize. People being bad that I am mocking their love of unnecessary drama ain’t going elicit an apology from me. I’ll stop making the egregious posts because it wasn’t my intent to upset people. I’ve got little to no sympathy for cowards who complain to others without coming to me.

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