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Two years. I have officially been living in Rossland for two years, owning my own home for the first time in my life. Much like 2014 in August, I am about to do the Indie Gathering International Film Festival and Convention. I will be moderating a few panels, selling my wares, and hanging out with show folk. All I have to do is get my work done in time to head north this weekend. I cannot believe how fast time flies as I get older. It does not feel like two years since I moved in here. My kitten is already over a year old. Time passes like waves of the ocean, consistently and repeatedly, and you never notice just how much happens until you stop and look at it.

I’m in the midst of project for a client, trying to get to the submission stage. It has been a rocky project, and not because of the client or producer. I have made mistakes. I owned up to them, and worked hard to fix the problem. Swallowing pride is not the issue, nor is expending some of the pay to make it up. It’s the shame. Getting past it and letting it go, that’s where I need to work. Doing great work as a follow up helps.

Gearing up for a short film shoot in the next two weeks. It’s a simple, easy shoot. Will take about 8 hours I guess. Just started to cast it, working on crew, and next will be some tests on Monday to make sure it will work out as I envision it. Going to get the camera out, try out the lenses and even get the Crane out, dust it off and try a few moves. I love prep. It makes the shoot day go smoother, like rehearsal with actors.

I have officially given up on sugar drinks. Not 100%, no. Since nearly 100% of my liquid intake was some form of flavored drink, this is taking some adjusting. I crave my beloved Coca-Cola, the sweet nectar of the gods, my caprisuns, and of course lemonade during this hot summer. All gone. I allow myself a few tiny exceptions only. This is harder than I thought.

The upgrade to the editing machine at home is complete. The graphics card is really singing in Adobe Creative Cloud. I switched my secondary monitor from the Matrox MX02 HDMI output to the HDMI output of the Nvidia GTX780 graphics card. This allows me to extend my desktop to the 39″ 1080P monitor, not just for the timeline in Premiere. So I have my main desktop and applications running on the 55″ monitor, and the timelines and extended desktop on the other. Not a bad way to work. I got the Matrox MX02 to work for analog and HDMI captures in the new setup as well, so I am not missing anything, and got all the speed and FX benefits.

That’s all the time I can commit to writing a blog. Time to get to some After Effects animations, some swimming at the gym, and then back to finalizing an edit.

“Time to pack my bags and leave
Finally I feel the air I breathe
And I can see the light
Become the light of me
Well in your lights I’ll always be
Oh I don’t know where I am
But it feels like home
And I move myself away
When it don’t feel like home
Well now I love myself again
And it feels like home
Oh I don’t know where
I am But it feels like home
Like home”
– The Him

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