Tuesday was a semi-day off. I had only clerical work. I purposely would not edit. No editing for 24 hours. Just wanted to clear my head, enjoy some music, a movie or two, ride my bike and a lot of cleaning around the house. Gotta tell ya, riding the bike first really did energize me for the rest of the day. I plan on doing more of that earlier when I can. Recovered from the sprained ankle and all I want to do now is walk everywhere. My head has cleared a lot in the last year or so. I will probably renew my gym membership for the winter months to get the swimming and free weights back in the mix.

Tonight will include some long overdue editing, plus starting to go over the raw footage for the new Uncle Pete’s Play Time clips. The roommate is out, so maybe Lorenzo will spend some time on the first floor. I think he thinks my roommate exists solely to find him and kill him. He runs the evil vacuum, so he must not be good according to my feline subjects.

Lorenzo has been opening up a lot lately, getting closer and closer to spending time on the first floor while other people are awake. I guess I find it so odd that in his absolute terror of all things, he still looks to me to protect him and most of the time, he ain’t afraid of me. Why does something so small mean so much to me?

I have decided to upgrade my whole computer. The drive and video card simply were not enough. Plus, instead of selling my current desktop, I can make a secondary graphics machine out of it for my roommate and other editors here. I found a special refurb deal that I can take advantage of to get a much faster, better machine and spend hardly any money.

Looks like I will be able to afford the inevitable work slowdown of the holidays. That means more “me” work. Yay me.

“Ain’t No Sunshine When You’re Gone”
– Bill Withers

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