Domesticity interrupted creativity! Since I had been so busy, I had no time to clean house and with the windows open, weather spectacular, I did some long walks and started the degermination of New Rossdonia. The Sonnyboo Podcast remains unfinished at this time. Since my workload has suddenly plummeted, I will be able to work on this in a lot in the first half of the week. Yet again, I have a perfect vision in my head of how the next Sonnyboo Podcast should look and feel, so the actual doing won’t be an enormous effort.

In addition to the Sonnyboo Podcast, I have some Clip Frames episodes to compile, FRAMELINES DVD’s to author, and then prep for the upcoming shoots. Just because the pay work declines doesn’t make me any less busy, if not more so.

Along with the spring cleaning came a new recliner chair ($119 electric) and a loveseat ($249 also reclining, not electric, but a console). New Rossdonia feels a lot more comfy these days. Still clean, still peaceful. My cats hate when I clean and especially when new furniture arrives. It wreaks havoc upon their senses. Cats have terrible memory. They rely on marking furniture with their scent with oils in their whiskers so they can help “smell” their way around. New furniture means, they get a little disoriented.

It also upsets the power balance. Vladimir Jack Bauer was here first and he marked everything. Lorenzo feels like the usurper invading V’s territory. New furniture means he can re-establish a power base within New Rossdonia. V likes being the alpha male so Lorenzo feeling he even belongs is an atrocity in his mind.

And now I have to find a new home much sooner than expected. Life is about to get turned upside down again for a while.

[i]”No I’m not color blind. I know the world is black and white. Try to keep an open mind but…I just can’t sleep on this tonight”
– John Mayer[/i]

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