My ploy to deceive myself actually works a little. I started by just doing the normal ASSISTANT EDITOR work, IE creating bins (folders), moving raw footage into them, duplicating the single channel of audio to both (dual mono), and then starting to just watch all the raw footage. Of course, the cutting down of some shots, deletion of takes you KNOW you won’t use, etc. means the whittling away jump started the sometimes elusive creative process; or sometimes referred to as defeating procrastination.
 The footage looks great, even in repeat viewing. I will have some Color Correction work for one of the pieces because we started at dusk and went into a night shoot. That will take some effort to match it up. Luckily, not a lot of effort.

In my subconscious head, there was a lot of work in this, but looking at the footage, it won’t be hard and won’t take long to cut these all together. I’m not using assistant editors on this part at all. Mostly because I have them working on FRAMELINES, so I will take on the OTHER non paying work which is Sonnyboo and the Movie Cliché webseries.

This is all an illusion to my brain. I need to push through the desire to sit around or do something else, and actually GET TO IT, the business of making (and finishing) movies. In those times when I cannot actually edit, as in sitting in an empty house with no internet, or at dinner, or on a date with a girl with the brainpower of a peanut that I thought I saw something more in, but it turned out to be that I was just attracted to her physically and we have nothing in common at all and she’s almost half my age; I can write down and organize things for the edit and future shoots.

I sketched out what I want to do with FRAMELINES, Sonnyboo Podcast, and of course the Movie Clichés. On paper, I can look at the stuff then let my mind start working even on the subconscious level. That, and I am creating a record for other people just in case something happens to me and I cannot finish these myself. A bit morbid, but I’m a realist. The work is more important than anyone, including me.

Ive got a schedule for editing and release of the Movie Clichés that we just shot. Some are a little more post-production heavy than others, but more importantly to me, I want to get the other hosts that aren’t me featured more for a while. It’s been the PETER JOHN ROSS SHOW for a little too long with this stuff. Even I can’t stand seeing my smug face on screen for very long.

Been spending some time in the new house. It’s not mine yet, but I can go in whenever. Cannot DO anything, but I can look at it. It’s helping me feel more comfortable in the space. I’ve been looking at colors, thinking about what to paint the walls, where to arrange furniture, imagining what it will be like to live there.

DAMN! One edit already complete, sans sound design. This technique is workin’ for me.

“A smile relieves a heart that grieves, remember what I said”
– The Rolling Stones

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