My day started off with a location scout for a Cell Phone Monologue and ended with a title sequence for the new webseries with a class in between and lots of little tinkerings and edits. At least one bad habit has returned and that’s the not-eating-because-I-lost-track-of-7-hours-editing syndrome. Strangely, there are worse things I could do that don’t have the same end result of a finished project. The challenge right now will be keeping this not public for possibly as much as 2 months or more. Since there is a blatant STAR TREK spoof, it might wait until the release of the new Trek movie. What cools my jets more easily is SAG since I have to get a waiver for this project.

My natural inclination has always been to release something as soon as it’s done. I want to get feedback, market & promote like a demon. Since I’m already 90% done, this presents a big obstacle with my inner core being.

Sleep has been horrible of late. Obsessions, stress, and the creative muse rocking me out of bed all coalesce into a sleepless frenzy. I had 2 bad dreams lately, 1 being that my kitten Lorenzo died and I screamed like an animal. The other was that I had a kid and my fictional dream-ex wouldn’t let me see this 3 year old that doesn’t exist in my waking life. If I had a child, nothing could keep me from doing everything I can to make sure they have a good life. Anything less shows a lack of integrity.


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