Speaking of positivity, I submitted to the Emmy’s again this year. The ceremony will be in Columbus, so why not? Well, because I didn’t win last year and based on what I saw, I don’t believe I will win again, as I don’t think what we’ve done with FRAMELINES resonates with voters. I’m too casual a host, and the subject matter is too “inside baseball” even to the judges themselves. Then again, it’s all new judges from a different region. Who knows? I entered in 2 categories this year to double the chances. I’m about to embark on a month long all encompassing work load with a national ad campaign, and what do I choose to do with the tiniest fraction of free time? Edit more video projects of my own. I’m Ross and I am an addict.

I’m addicted to the sense of accomplishment, to the self rewarding aspect of sharing a work to the universe. Every movie is a gift, a form of communication that the entire world could see. Maybe they will. Or maybe not. Who cares?

One of the things I’ve learned thus far is that you cannot plan on a video going viral, nor have I accounted for the concept of TIME. Some videos hit years after they are posted. It could be the tastemakers stumbling upon it later, or it could simply be that the relevance and audience don’t develop at the time of release. I’ve got videos with tens of thousands of views on the various sites like VIMEO and hundreds of thousands of views on YOUTUBE, and never was it within the first year of uploading.

I used to write music. I don’t anymore and have no interest in it. I still love music to listen to. The last 2-3 years, what has been getting to me more and more are strong female songwriter/singers. Tori Amos tops my list, but not limited to Florence + the Machine, Karliene, Melanie Laurent, and now Lana Del Rey. I don’t particularly relate to women well at all, but these songs and the chord progressions and compositions are just inspiring.

Walked 3 miles yesterday. Big hills, a little mud, but a whole lotta good feeling from it. Not quite, I uploaded a new movie good, but still good enough. Gonna screen a few things in Cleveland this weekend. You know what that means – MARIE’S PIZZA in my belly. Good bye skinny and hello MOST DELICIOUS CARBS IN HUMAN HISTORY.

“My body is a cage that keeps me from dancing with the one I love but my mind holds the key”
– Arcade Fire

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