Got the Sonnyboo Podcast on my metaphor of Construction done. It took a few hours. I took a break at one point, walked a few miles while the sun was still shining and the temperature was perfect. Balance. The key to life resides in finding this balance between my obsessive side and making sure I take care of myself physically. On to the next few items in my queue.¬†Got some DVD’s to author with menus and MPEG2 files. Then to a massive 100+ disc duplication of about 4-5 titles. Along with some printing, and the catalog of content on disc grows.

After that the screenwriting. A bunch of outlines need written out, some existing ones to be tweaked, and then pass them along to much better writers for revisions. Everything in order methinks. I definitely prefer having collaborators, especially on the writing phase.

And finally, getting some FRAMELINES episodes ready for air. We’re scheduling some shoots for the show too over the next couple weeks. We’ve got a new host for the show too!

“Je connais les nuits qui tr√©passent
Qui font la course avec les heures”
– Melanie Laurant

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