I sometimes forget there more people read this blog than the 6-7 friends I write it for. Yeah, the webstats show that there are a few hundred people a day perusing, but they don’t read much and leave. It’s my personal online journal. It’s meant for some lifelong peeps so I don’t have to tell the exact same story over and over. This leads to confusion but also danger for your faithful narrator So my last blog contained incredible amounts of sarcasm about a Facebook War I’m having with a stubborn young woman who happens to be a friend, and more relevant, one that understands the sarcasm and humor. She did after all, start this entire war with a photoshop image of myself. Yeah, like I’m really bullying a girl on the Internet. PUH-Lease.

The fact that delusional, scary, strange, weird stalker-people will read this blog (or allegedly have it sent to them for no apparent reason which is about as likely as unicorns flying out of their asses because they are psychotic nutjobs with more than a little bit of obsession and clearly are not taking their meds for paranoid schizophrenic tendencies), but I digress…

I forget that ANYONE can read this blog and extrapolate whatever delusional image of me they wish. The reality of who and what I am remains the providence of people who actually know me in the real world, not on the internet. I don’t particularly care what anyone thinks regardless of knowing me in real life or not.

My only concerns come from the truly scary individuals out there that become obsessed. It could be years and years of silence, long forgotten and out of sight, out of mind, and suddenly these crazy freak shows will suddenly show an interest in their obsessions and BANG! We have another Newtown, or Boston Marathon, or Virginia Tech or Aurora or Columbine.

This kind of obsession, pursuit, thought, and focus are the WARNING SIGNS!!! Of course these people think they are normal and won’t seek out mental health professionals. The sky is green in their world but they think that’s okay. They believe they are grandiose important people… who just have to beat this terrible system that is the world, and they will…. but this Peter John Ross guy is PREVENTING them because, when asked, I confirmed their innermost fears – I didn’t like their movies, and don’t have any interest in them as people. Somehow this is a crime in their world view because of their arrogance and crazy delusions.

My need for attention is pretty obvious – I’m a filmmaker. I want people to see my movies and TV shows. Attention seeking is kind of a part of that process, at least if you want to make enough money to own a home, buy cars, movies, and whatever else people want.

I wish the crazy psychopaths out there would listen to their own words. Apparently I’m a talentless hack who isn’t important. There are better things to focus on than Peter John Ross…. and yet these few, these insane online weirdos – can’t seem to NOT spend their time reading this blog and paying attention to me. Crazy people don’t know they are crazy.

I’m not famous. I’m not important, except to a handful of friends. I don’t know if I have ‘talent’ as if that is an empirically defined thing. I like some of what I do, and I am always learning to make better movies. I’m not ‘better’ than anyone. I don’t know what that is supposed to mean. Art is subjective. There are movies and filmmakers whose work I don’t like. So what? Why does that mean jack shit to anyone but me?

GET A LIFE. You do not know me or really anything about me except what you’ve read online, and then extrapolated – which runs through the schizophrenic filter and kind of negates the reliability of such conclusions. Sooner or later, the police catch up to these nutjobs. It’s only a question of was it BEFORE or AFTER they hurt others.

Isn’t it sad that the only thing these nutjob wannabe filmmakers have instead of their work, is their stalking and psychotic behavior? This consistent behavior validates my opinion of their work…

What are you hoping to accomplish with going to a forum of local producers and asking, “Why does all your work suck everyone?” It’s an insult masking itself as a question, transparent and simple minded whilst its writer thinking himself clever. More importantly, what is the possible outcome? Will these people suddenly go, “Oh my god! Someone on the Internet said my work ucked even though I make millions of dollars a year, win accolades from my peers, and my clients are entirely happy – NOW I will change everything and do what this ONE person who said I sucked wants.” That seems logical, not at all insane

Again crazy people think they are making sense. Maybe they stopped taking their meds? Maybe the schizophrenia is worsening? Who knows? The only reason I even think about it is because they not only read my blog, but feel compelled to tell people about reading it.

So if you are reading this blog and are not my friend, ask yourself

A. Why?

B. Isn’t there something better you could be doing with your time?

C. Where did I put the bomb-making components and ammo for my assault rifles?

D. Where is the nearest school or marathon?

E. Can someone get the ants off my arm?



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