Sheesh! Thank the lord this gig is almost over. It’s a lot of work in a short amount of time. Working hours on Saturday and Sundays = not fun. At least I’m working from home in my jammies and playing with the cats. At least there is some reimbursement that makes this all worthwhile. Yesterday I finally got the new recliner seats for the Theatre of Rossdonia. I’m hoping sometime soon I can get my dad over to watch Skyfall. Spending over a thousand dollars on a new couch might have seemed excessive, and yet as I sat upon the mighty chairs; it was worth it. “V” hissed at it for a few minutes, then started claiming it as his own. Lorenzo hides from the couch, as if it will come to life and attack him when he least expects it!

With the new couch comes a massive rearrangement of New Rossdonia. An old loveseat has to be removed, some bookshelves will now be moved to the spare room, which will now be known as The Sitting Room. It will have 4 bookshelves of movie books, and my smaller writing desk is already in there, and an ottoman that’s been around for over 20 years is about to meet the trash.

Fixing up one’s home ain’t cheap. It seems that as you make fixes, new ones either crop up or you imagine things that didn’t bother you before are suddenly in need of fixing. Next up are all new windows for 3 out of 4 of them. Bought new doors for the bedroom closets. I’m spending money I used to waste on going out to eat on home repairs and new furniture.

I also got a brand new WDTV. I love this media player. The newer version which has WiFi and services like Facebook, Netflix, Youtube, Hulu, etc. and still plays all the file formats for audio/video – this one allows me to create custom menus and backgrounds, slide shows. We have one at work, and I already had one at home, but I wanted a portable one so I can use it at school and also on my other TV’s in the house.

Media is going to be without optical discs or even physical items at all within 10 years. I have 4 shelves of DVD/BLU RAY/HD-DVD/LASERDISC. I love movies and especially extras, but the physical ‘stuff’ is a thing of the past. With it will come all new laws and rules concerning Intellectual Property. I think we will no longer own movies and music but simply lease it for a period of time.

Well, the new couch is calling my name. Mayhap it be time I follow through on some movie marathons! This week needs to be Iron Man and Iron Man 2 before a midnight screening of Iron Man 3. I believe that several of us are going to meetup and have a late nighter before the show.


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