As I am preparing the next interactive FRAMELINES online tutorial, I get an email from someone. It says that they are student at FULL SAIL UNIVERSITY, and that they just got their editing assignment; they are editing my footage from the first FRAMELINES online tutorial. I have been using the footage in my college level course where I teach, but you know…. it’s my footage. I wasn’t mentally prepared for other accredited schools to pick up on it too This next one will really be fun. We’re teaching multicam editing, so that will be a little more unique, but since it’s also to music, we might attract people not interested in narrative filmmaking to do the project and post it.

My plans for this week have been derailed by a side project that came up out of no where. I’m preparing 7 half hour episodes of just Sonnyboo content for a TV network. It’s mostly just compiling things already made, making holes for commercial breaks, and creating a title sequence for the series.

That last bit, the title sequence, is where I lost myself to the bliss of creation for a while. Yesterday was one of those lost-a-few-hours-kinda-days to the great After Effects. I had the usual blank slate which in most cases these days meant procrastination, but instead I was hit with a vision as I drifted off to sleep. Started the next morning to make it real, then revised constantly for a 24 hour period.

“Out of touch, out of reach yeah
You could try to get closer to me
I’m in luck, I’m in deep”
– Def Leppard

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