Hmm. I am finalizing an edit of the new webseries and starting on the edit of the 2nd episode. I appear in these segments on camera as a ‘host’. That has become something of a sticking point for why I am somewhat unhappy with the pieces as they are. The intent was always to pass the baton to other hosts within a few episodes, but I might start sooner rather than later. I don’t like what I’m seeing. Now the potential is there to get someone who is more of a local celebrity, better looking and younger than myself. I have a particular person in mind for that role, if he’s interested. I’m a bit torn. I’m dealing with my ego, which seems like a 30 ton dragon in a way. I exaggerate. A 28 ton dragon.

When I put on my producer hat, look at the project, I have to do what I think is best for the series as a whole. Will it be better served to get a host who may not have the same passion, but might look better than me? Very possibly. I have to consider that. My goals have never been to be an on-camera personality, so it’s incredibly unlikely I will continue to appear in this series past the 2 episodes I have already completed filming for much, as I think I will spread the love, and try to get several other hosts for the series, including local radio and television personalities.

In other news, the cats continue to dominate New Rossdonia. As my obsessive-compulsive side kicks into high gear with editing and production, I have gained weight. Shock to the world! I forget to eat for several hours and nearly black out, and I’m still surprised my metabolism decided to store fat instead of burn it. Your narrator ain’t too bright, droogies.

I’m still riding the high from all this work going on. I get excited about making movies. There is so much to do and I’ve wasted so much time. I won’t waste a seconds more worrying about the past. Chin up, eyes forward. The future is waiting….

I feel like great!


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