Getting back into the groove. I should have some new material finished and out there in the next few days. I feel great again. I took that depression and kicked its ASS. Now I’m going to take malaise out back and beat it with a tire iron. Is it actually a good thing to have metaphorical violence against concepts and emotions? Gonna shoot on Wednesday. I think it’s equal parts vanity and professionalism, but I schedule my bi-weekly shave on shoots (or dates, but I do a lot more shoots than dates). As much as I don’t really care what people ‘think’, at the same time I do have a modicum of pride in how the show and the segments are perceived. That’s an internal struggle for me since I am trying to be less vain and even less interested in what other people think of me, I actually do care what they think of FRAMELINES.

I derive no pleasure from personal struggles on the inside. I’m being pushed and backed into a corner. My brain was wired to think in a very certain way. I can be the world’s biggest ass. I am choosing to put that aside as much as possible. When put in the mindset of “remove the personal from the equation; it’s just business“, then I have to look out for me and only me. Believe me, that’s how I’m being treated. I gave more than ample opportunities to avoid the nonsense. I even begged, literally pleaded to try to avoid this.

Now I am in research mode, getting intellectual challenges, even digging into the dirt a bit to find out how to best help my position. I love me some riddles. And nothing is more invigorating to my brain than legal puzzles. Researching case law, finding examples, and discovering evidence; these things are actually fun for me. I missed my calling.

Real life law is NOTHING like TV or the movies. It’s so much more mundane and technical. And yet, that reality is what I find interesting and exciting. I might even get to go to court before all is said and done. Won’t that be awesome? (SARCASM)

Poor little Lorenzo! He keeps getting terrified whenever strangers are in the condo. He was hiding under my bed tonight after someone was in for 10 minutes. I had to coax him out for 90 minutes. I hate hate hate him being so scared. I love the little guy so much and he’s just so precious to me.

“Holy water cannot help you now, thousand armies couldn’t keep me out, I don’t want your money, I don’t want your crown, see I’ve come to burn your kingdom down”
– Florence+the Machine

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