The murky funk passes again. Teaching 2 classes this week helped get me out of the ditch. I try to bring my “A”-Game to teaching. I plan things above and beyond what is expected and on the page. I create interactive material, present more video tutorials, and whatever this internal energy can be called, that fire ignites even when there’s only 5 students.¬†Every class I do gets me back into a happier groove. There are very few problems I face with student projects that I cannot find a solution too, so the challenges I face are more interpersonal, more about trying to find out what motivates each person. Getting people to understand the concepts and then comprehend how to use the technology, when ages range from 19-59 years old, that has been my goal from day one. I’m honing my technique, whilst still being myself in a way that only I can be.

One of the other instructors said I have some kind of specialty knack because I’m the only teacher who can insult the students and yet have them love me for it. I don’t 100% agree because what they might not see is that I pick on myself the hardest; self deprecation opens the door for teasing. Allowing students to take a shot or two at me back never hurts. Just today, a student who had previously said I had noticeably lost weight came back after made fun of his ridiculous beard that it was still amazing that I could fit inside a Kia.

Teasing is harmless fun, in any direction. It’s something that people do to show they care, even though it sounds like it’s mean. It’s not. It’s the opposite in that you reach a level of comfort with each other. To be honest my ex never understood the concept of sarcasm. That probably stems from a tragic accident and the doctors had to perform a humorectomy to remove her sense of humor*.

* That being a stellar example of sarcastic teasing and fun that will go unappreciated.

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