The Movie Cliche auditions went well. Very happy, found some people for sure. Some of them won’t get shot for the movies until June-July-August, but it was nice to find new actors and connect with people I haven’t seen in a while. The shoot Sunday has me excited, nervous, and absolutely jubilant. I haven’t been this nervous about a shoot in years. I am prepared. Got the props together, camera, lighting and gripology. I even have actor releases printed out, a call sheet, and the scripts with my notes. One of the cool things from the auditions was getting a new shot idea when an actor was doing such a good job. Wrote that shit down.

I’m not gonna lie. I’m nervous. I keep taking these longer breaks from directing, as in actually working with actors, crew, and everything. No, not the longest break I’ve had. Still, I’m out of practice. I need to do this more and I intend to.

I cannot express to you, my droogies, how stressed I am in general. Just as was described to me by home owning friends and family; every week brings a new crisis. Already had this week’s near disaster, so just bracing myself for next week’s. I’m working 2 jobs, buying a house (= moving for the first time in 10 years), and making movies (plural).

And I couldn’t be happier. The entire process of making movies again has me so amped up, so jazzed. This is what I live for. Well, this and 2 cats that seem to be annoyed with their Big Poppa not being home enough for their tastes.

Like I’ve said before, I’m building a surplus of projects shot, then doling them out with post production as things slow down in the professional/personal realms. Some of these things excite me, and I get to them right away. Others need to ferment like a wine, and serve when they are ready.

“You and me burning matches, lifting latches on our way back home”
– The Beatles

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