I love it when a plan comes together and actually works the way it’s supposed to. Aside from a very inconvenient avalanche of snow on the ground, I’m chipping away at my workload I created for myself. Time is precious to me, now more than ever. I wasted so much of it in the past few years. Mitigating factors create a sense of urgency to everything I want to get done. That’s not to say I’m willing to proceed if the quality of the work won’t be at the bar I set. As I slog through all the edits I have to do, the tradition has returned to doing my dance – mostly through a recent digitization of my entire collection of PRINCE CD’s. Dancing is so much easier if the songs are bootilicious.

Webstats on the latest FRAMELINES MOVIEMAKING TECHNIQUES video are showing that this one is effective. Maybe it’s just the hotness of Jocelyn (no offense Louie, I think you’re mighty hot even allegedly out of synch). No, it’s not ‘viral’. I rate things on my own scale and getting into the hundreds of views with minimal marketing means a big ‘win’ for me. I look at my stats not in the short term, but the long haul. It sometimes takes years before a clip on those sites creates a stir.

Slowly but surely New Rossdonia continues to improve. I’m going to paint a bedroom all on my own this week. I’ve already started to reallocate furniture around. I want to have a nice guest bedroom, one that I won’t be ashamed of letting someone sleep in. I’ve got to get a new window in my bedroom ASAP.

I still have some minor mood swings. There are occasionally bad days. Funny how time makes the peaks and valleys less dramatic. Mayhap it ain’t time, but whatever it is that fills your heart. For me, it is creating these things. They may not mean nearly as much to others, but that doesn’t matter. What truly matters is that they fill my soul with light. It’s important that I not get deterred, and luckily, I haven’t in the past few months.

Looking to get this last Cell Phone Monologue wrapped up in the next few weeks. Editing has been interesting. I have such an infinite number of ways to cut this and those options made it more problematic because I had too many good ways to make it. Now THAT’S a problem worth having.


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