With a really nice RED zoom lens on its way in, I wrote a new Sonnyboo Podcast for no other reason than to test the glass. Since it was made to look good in 4K, I don’t see it being any kind of problem in HD. I want to get the background knocked out of focus as much as possible. Scripts are written. Plans being laid. Ideas flowing. Suggestions welcome. Gearing up for several shoots in the next few weeks. I’m so ready for this in my head and heart. Getting these things out of my head and onto a screen will alleviate some internal OCD stresses.

In my “spare” time (hahahahahahaha) I’m working on animation for the opening titles of Uncle Pete’s Playtime phase 2, mostly in my head, trying to figure out what it’s going to look like. Once I zero in on font types, colors, and a style, it goes a lot quicker from there.

Making movies in general raise my spirit and bring a ray of joy into my world. It’s the ABC‘s of my life. ALWAYS BE CREATING. I’ll worry about promoting AFTER they are made. That part is fun for me too.

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