Tis the season. I’m neither sentimental or bothered by the Holidays. Since receiving Star Wars action figures lost their luster, so did all joy for the Christmas spirit. Jesus was born in September. The Holy Roman Empire moved the date to late December to merge the pagan religions and their winter solstice celebrations so they could recruit more members to the church. Happy holidays; it’s all about increasing tax revenues…. and that hasn’t changed much in the 21st century. Lorenzo Lamas Jones, the mighty grey kitten has been problematic lately. He has taken to random attacks of stinky poo under my bed every 3-4 nights. Today I tried to outsmart him by creating a FELINE FECAL DEFENSE MECHANISM® ™ ©, which really translates to buying 2 long 2″x4″s and setting them up under my bed. I opened the door and in less than 3 minutes, however unlikely, he had found a weakness and exploited it. He was under the bed. Not even sure how he did it.

I have been listening to so much TORI AMOS lately, I think she has infected my soul. her lyrics are so deep and her instrumentation timeless. I remember a roommate in college was deeply into Tori and I never gave it much of a chance. In the last 2 years I’ve been devouring her entire catalogue of music. I loved that her concerts for a time were just her and a piano. Hearing her cover songs of things like Purple Rain or Whole Lotta Love interpreted in such a unique way and solely with piano.

Time flies by. I cannot find much rest and peace in a weekend. I have so much to do and so much to catch up. It’s tough to stay on track but I’m doing better. Less time with ridiculousness (aka Facebook) and just looking at my workload and chipping away at it.

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