I volunteered to judge some categories for the Emmy’s and also the big local film festival. Got my Emmy ones done yesterday and wow was I impressed. Having a greater understanding of the process means I am even less likely to take home a gold statue, nonetheless even get another nomination. I am humbled by the work I have been seeing. Started really going through the footage from Sunday. I cannot be much happier. Seeing it all on HD big screens makes a huge difference. The details, the colors; it all pops so much more on the larger screen. If I can get all my ducks in a row, especially with paid work and the house, I can get to editing these a lot quicker.

I found one mistake in a setup and already found a post production way to make it into an asset, that also happens to class that particular joint up. And yet again, I get to push myself, learn something new, and apply it to a project. This pleases me and appeases that part of my brain that still wants to learn.

Time spirals away from me. I need more time to get done all that I need to do. Even when the paid work dissipates, all this other stuff comes up, not the least of which is buying a home – and the impending move. I simply do not feel completely relaxed at any point in time. I’m fighting a battle against perception – and losing.

Once I get into this new house, it will take weeks to unravel all my stuff from boxes and placement therein. I know me, and I will be editing this new footage long before I get done unpacking. I don’t have anyone to impress with a new house, so my desire to get things finished will win in the end.

I had recently said that filmmaking is the one hobby that is more expensive than a cocaine habit. That is too true. And for me, way more addictive. You get something at the end, something that you keep and share all at once.

“What’s to become of our world, who knows what to do?”
– The Police

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