Last night on the phone with a friend, I had a total epiphany and two more video podcast ideas just BAM! flowed out. I was literally in the middle of describing how to output Microsoft DV AVI’s to create proxies for editing on older systems, and had to stop and jot down these two ideas. Yes, it was rude, but don’t you hate it when you have a great idea, don’t have time to write it down, then forget the actual idea, but do remember that you had a great idea? I have been mighty irritated of late. Contrary to popular opinion, I despise the drama that goes on around here. I just want to make movies. I don’t even want to participate in the local film community anymore and haven’t for some time because of the unnecessary drama.

Still, I don’t like it when people either lie intentionally or put out incorrect information, especially when it relates to a project I co-create. That’s a rare exception to my involvement in the local debates. If I have an opinion, I generally don’t contribute. It doesn’t really matter to me and what I am doing.

Although, anyone who calls the president of a non-profit film group of less than 50 voting members a “dictator” kind of needs to get a life. Just sayin’…. I hear this dating thing is a nice use of your time. Or woodworking would be better than throwing that kind of passion at meaningless tripe. And there’s always the possibility of taking all this time and making a movie…. also an option for people claiming to be filmmakers. Not sure why the drama wins out, but I prefer to and tend to actually make things instead these days. Have you not seen my 1,027 posts online about whatever upload on youtube I just did?

I’m gonna keep creating and promoting. I don’t see a slow down anytime in the near future. It makes me feel good and in reality, doesn’t hurt anyone. Don’t like it? Don’t care. I can only promise you won’t enjoy what’s coming soon…

Someone approached me about IMDB credits for FRAMELINES, so I went through and started to add some. It takes really long time and so I asked why they didn’t just do it themselves. They said it wasn’t their project. I said IMDB is a public database. Anyone can add anything to any project. It’s a public database. I don’t run IMDB and I can’t tell them who can and cannot add credits, even on my own projects.

People are weird and get really funky about the dumbest things. I never promised anyone I would add them to IMDB, so just add yourselves if you’re not there. Sheesh.

“Have I still got you to cross my bridge in this storm? Have I still got you to keep me warm?”
– Damien Rice

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