The shoot went over. Way over. And it was TOTALLY worth it. The horror movie cliches were done as night shoots – how is that possibly a bad thing? We’ve got five of these mini movies in the can. It took almost 15 months to get them shot, but now that they are, it ain’t gonna take that long to get them edited and delivered. This I vow. I just got so lucky at every step. When one actor might have to leave (understandable when the shoot goes so long), another one steps in. I have an embarrassment of riches when it comes to the camera work and the actors, neither of those can I claim a lot of credit for. I cannot even take credit for a lot of the writing, as a lot of what was shot wasn’t even written by me.

Now I have to take the next few weeks off from shooting a lot. I have a lot to do with the house I am buying, plus working two jobs. I can however work on the edits and post production on what we just did. I plan on working on these quite a bit in my spare time and really try to pull out the stops. These aren’t too heavy in terms of effects or anything, so hopefully I can turn them out in no time.

Even so, I have a new Sonnyboo Podcast to shoot on Thursday or Friday. It may not get edited for a while, and yet I wish to keep shooting, keep CREATING. It’s the lifeblood. Making things, putting them out into the world – I cannot reiterate this enough – makes me feel so good.

I did get a little embarrassed during most of the shoot that I was bleeding on the back of my neck, and it’s even in the Behind the Scenes footage. The bandage I had put on in the morning got so soaked with blood, it fell off at some point and I didn’t notice. I spent the majority of Memorial Day in a near comatose state. I prepared for the shoot by walking for 5 miles the day before, and 3.5 miles the night before that. In some ways I am more healthy than ever, and in others so very much worse.

In conversation at the meal break, the idea of mortality was discussed. I feel I have to live my life as if I’m going to be here awhile, making long term plans, and working towards things. Even if that isn’t likely or probable.

Much like a new idea occurred during auditions, just looking at the raw footage sparked a new idea of something to try. I’ve already started researching a certain effect with TXT in a scene that originally had no FX.

I am inspired; by the people I work with, by the people I respect, by the nature of the world right now, and even with the simplest of moments in life. Keep feeding the fires of creativity.

“What did you think is nothing might be something after all ”
– Van Halen

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