Finally got some personal work done this week. From the Sonnyboo Podcast on Monday, to making it also a FRAMELINES TECH TIP, and last night creating 3 entire 30 minute episodes of Clip Frames; let’s just say it was a very productive week in New Rossdonia, or what’s left of it.
Met with some potential crew for the upcoming Movie Cliché podcast shoots. Even though my life was just turned upside down as I have to scramble like a rabid dog to find a new place to live, I have decided I will NOT let this entirely derail my plans. I will continue to shoot, although I may not be able to afford the Arri Alexa camera or shoot with the bigger budget I intended; I MUST continue on and shoot.

I will not lower my quality bar in terms of the visual, but as I always say, “It’s the artist not the brush that counts“. That means that the kind of DP’s I’ve been working with will make whatever camera and lenses sing. I have every faith that the Movie Cliché series can still be everything I want them to be, even without spending a ton of cash money.

Life is too short. Lord have I learned that this can be more true than you may realize. Time is precious. Joy in life comes from creation. For me, that’s moving pictures and sound, putting them together. Then showing them to as many people as possible.

“I ain’t got no money but honey I’m rich on personality”
– Prince

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