Carving out time for myself is so hard at the moment. I’ve got so much work to do, miraculously paid work at the moment, which does NOT suck. What does suck is not having time to do anything for me. I shot a new podcast on Friday with the express purpose of getting it done ASAP just to have something new. It was written and shot with minimal work, and yet I cannot help but do a few new things. Taking time out to watch movies seems like such a luxury, and although I love making new movies, it just adds stress even when it creates euphoria after. It’s still just sitting in the same chair, staring at the same screen; just something different on the inside.

On deck, creating After Effects animation for a client too. Not super challenging stuff, although I still love to dive into this every now and then. Maybe later today I will practice with some quickie things for the podcast and try to get it online later tonight or tomorrow.

I treated myself to the new CAPTAIN AMERICA. Great movie, loved it. Don’t think I’ll waste the money on 3D anytime soon, though. Yuck. It’s just such a waste and does little to enhance the experience of a movie.

Just gotta keep from getting fried like those onion rings I had at Applebees. Right now, it would feel appropriate to bath in honey mustard because I’m golden crispy on the inside and out.

“Don’t you get sad and lonely. You need a change from what you do all day”

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