I’ve got to get my calendar straight. With the classes, film shoots, TV shows, rehearsals, casting, and work deadlines, your faithful narrators schedule has filled. I’m afraid of double booking myself. I hate cancelling on anyone or anything. Giving your word means so much. I’ve been flaked on too many times to not take it very seriously. Converting a bunch of documents into proper screenplay format today. This will make shooting easier as the true format is a tried and true method for getting ducks in a row in pre-production. Once the shoots are more than a single person, a generalized format that anyone in any department can ascertain what they need to do becomes essential.

Speaking of which, that is the core of the next Sonnyboo Podcast, which also needs the example shot. I’ve also got a FRAMELINES Tech Tip that has an example that has remained unshot for a few months. DAMN! I want to get caught up.

For FRAMELINES, I have decided on the marketing front to only focus on the 2 primetime air times. Making it a very simple “Saturday at 6:30PM and Monday at 8:30PM” means people can retain the info better.

As evidence of my anti-competition in practice, not just words, I have agreed to appear on a filmmakers TV show in Dayton and share the FRAMELINES timeslot on PBS with another film show from Columbus. I like to show support, not talk about it.

Monday I will try to screen SOMETHING at the Gateway Film Center’s short film showcase. I will probably dig up something older to play. Any chance to play on a movie theater screen is a blessing. I can never take for granted how rare an opportunity that really is for local filmmakers.

“Can somebody tell me now am I alone with this this little peel in my hand and with this secret kiss, am I alone in this?”
– Tori Amos/Damien Rice

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