Sound mix is done on the next Cell Phone Monologue! Magnetic Studios kicked in and did an amazing job sweetening the audio and bringing out the best. George Lucas’ oft used quote “Sound is 50% of the experience of any film” rings true for me on every movie I make. Now, having a true professionals work on the last 2 Cell Phone Monologues has taught me a lot about great sound and makes me feel more amateurish in my feeble attempts. Friday we go to snag the establishing shot for this movie. Within a few scant hours, it will be complete with the final sound mix, final color correction, and credits. I’ve been going with static title cards for the end credits more often lately. Ever since I saw Citizen Kane a year or two ago on the big screen, I’m in this old school mode for that.

The next step is to combine the existing Cell Phone Monologues into a single short film for the film festival run. It means removing the titles at the head of each one, and placing all the end credits at the end. Not a lot of work per se, but maximizing the value of my submission fee dollars.

I have to keep reminding myself what a good year I actually have had thus far. I was a GCAC Media Arts Finalist (keep forgetting that). I won 2 Telly awards. I have an Emmy nomination. I’ve made more movies in 6 months than the last 4 years combined.

Whatever pettiness the universe throws at me, I know I am doing okay in the balance. Whatever bad is left out there, I can take it. There’s nothing holding me back but me. Love is a beautiful thing.

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