Writing may not be my forte. On rare occasions I can hit something, but good writing can be hard to find. Now that I am committed to doing a few more of the UNCLE PETE’S PLAY TIME shorts, I’ve decided to keep my writing to a minimum. I’ll act more as a producer and weigh in on my opinions, maybe keep certain guidelines, as to what does and doesn’t work for the ‘universe’ that we create, but I don’t want to do the joke writing. Sometimes, you have to remove your ego from the equation. I don’t have quite the arrogance it may appear. Don’t get me wrong, I’m quite full of myself, but that’s not quite the same connotation as ‘arrogant’. Language and words have specific meaning.

In the case of this series, I noticed that people responded better to things George wrote or improvised as compared to my things. Maybe my idea was good, but it was his interpretations that made it sing.

Production on these wind up being about 2 hours of shooting and 4-6 months of post production. Doing all green screen means creating, managing, and editing a larger collaboration in the post phase. I’ll hammer these out as I have time over the next several months.

In some ways this feels like a “We’re getting the band back together” moments.

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