I thought my big shoot was next week. I have almost 2 whole weeks! I watched and judged the High School film fest last night. Next up, judging for the Emmy’s this week. Yesterday, I helped out a friend doing some Behind the Scenes interviews for his feature. I wasn’t feeling 100%, as in I hadn’t slept well and I was sleepy. There’s also that same old oddity when you see a movie and talk about actors that you’ve never met, then when you do I have a sense of familiarity, but they’ve never met or heard of me.
 I’ve got an editing job to finish today and tomorrow for the Ohio State University. I like working hard. Even when it’s pressure, it feels better than not having anything to do. I still haven’t finished the last Sonnyboo Podcast we shot. It’s edited, but has no effects or animation finished yet. It will get done this week to be sure.

I released the latest FRAMELINES roundtable edit from the Film Composers roundtable (see below). That sated the marketing side of me, and it was something lingering for a really really long time. I have 2 more of those rendered out and ready to get uploaded over the next 2 weeks. Plus we have several more edits coming up from the ACTOR’s roundtable that only need titles, lower thirds and some transitions, a mere pittance of time I can carve out somewhere soon.

I watched exactly ZERO movies this past weekend. That’s not good. I need to relax, watch movies and allow my brain to INPUT, not just OUTPUT. I did get out to the park and walk a bit. Not as much as I had hoped, but still not quitting.

Teaching tonight and this week. I’m going to be rushing around dealing with paperwork and starting all the estimates and inspections on the new house. My mind keeps going to that place and thinking of colors, placement of furniture, imaging what it will be like to sleep there, work, there, and eat there. Normally, the idea of moving and a new place would be dreadful. Instead, I am excited and anticipating the good that will emanate from this home.

I’m a little concerned how my feline roommates will adjust to the move. Neither of them have ever moved before. “V” has never lived anywhere but Rossdonia. He considers himself a prince (if not chancellor) and the shock will be quite a lot for him. Lorenzo has no where to go but up. He’s such a scaredy cat, I think the new, unmarked home will bolster his confidence more.

On to start the day and the week. Adventure awaits…

“I may be qualified for a one night stand but I could never take the place of your man”
– Prince

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