I managed to get an entire day off work in the middle of the week. No classes, no editing of any kind, and minimal stresses. I got a long walk at the park in with the sun shining, a whole lotta television catch up (2 weeks of MAD MEN, latest CASTLE, THIS WEEK TONIGHT, and the double episode of the return of Jack Bauer in 24). Unfortunately, I grabbed the wrong raw footage files for the next Sonnyboo Podcast, so I’m headed in to the office, so some work will inevitably ensue. Things are moving along smoothly and brisk. Pre-pro meeting on Thursday to get some details ironed out and setup. Shooting several things in one day. Not as much as I had originally hoped, but enough to get my engine revved up. This summer will be quite productive.

No film contests for me. I don’t like competition (duh), and I’m motivated without external forces necessary. I have an overabundance of motivation some might say. The nice men and women with white lab coats diagnosed it as a mild case of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder.

But I feel fantastic. Stress leaving my body as I meditate a little here and there. I’m re-reading the Silmarillion, which I do once a year. Somehow this story brings me a great deal of peace. I’m walking a lot, cleaning more, and stressing less.

My future couldn’t be more uncertain. My memory fades every day. My body crumbles like a leaf in the flame. My income varies so much from week to week. I have no idea what I will be doing in 6 months or 1 year.

And yet, all I feel inside is hope. Hope and some degree of happiness. That and maybe some indigestion. I did eat Chinese food for lunch.

“Vultures in my garden. Figures that I know them. And it is what it is”
– Tori Amos

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