What an odd contradictory happenstance! I am completely burned out, minimal sleep, near non-stop work with no time off, and yet the waterfall of ideas flow near-constantly. I can’t keep up, as in I’ve lost a few of these since I had no way to write the ideas down. As it is, got another Sonnyboo Podcast written and ready to record this week, later on after the workload eases. I love that I am getting ideas for new material, revising old stuff, and visualizing the projects in the queue. When the muse grants so many gifts, you have to show as much gratitude as you can. I sit upon a pile of inspiration. The fermentation process continues as the germs of ideas grow and meld into full fledged projects.

Here’s what is on deck for Sonnyboo Productions:

I have 5-6 FRAMELINES TECH TIPS that have the GREENSCREEN portion shot, but not the examples or demonstrations. FRAMELINES has 3-4 thirty minute episodes in various states of edit, some with several segments ready, others with only a couple things finished, and some partially shot segments with no interview, or interviews with no B-Roll.

For material that doesn’t fit into FRAMELINES, there’s also CLIP FRAMES, the education channel show and public access show that I dole out material to in 29 minute episodes. There are 5-6 of these outlined, and as I amass more material inappropirate for FRAMELINES, these get filled up too.

The Movie Cliché podcast series has 31 segments with the greenscreen hosts shot, but no examples shot for them. This is my pet peeve project. I want to raise the bar. The last Movie Cliché shot by Jerod set a standard I want to meet or exceed every time in terms of shooting. One of the others has some CGI that looks to be exceedingly kick ass cool, and that will come in the next few weeks. I have started to plan the shoots and even scheduled a lot for this, so hopefully this can get going soon.

UNCLE PETE’s PLAY TIME has 3 new segments shot on greenscreen, and nothing else. Nothing. No backgrounds, no animations, no character design, or anything yet. We plan on shooting several more in June, and these take my lower priority scale because they are so post production heavy, but then they can come together so quickly with the team of people working on it.

There’s still another CELL PHONE MONOLOGUE in my view, already written, storyboarded, and ready to go. I haven’t fully cast it, done locations, or found the right cinematographer for it. To be honest, I’ve gotten from the series what I wanted, but this is still very much a possibility. The challenge is in doing car-process shots on a soundstage. I’ve never done it and want to try it. This is probably the lowest on the totem pole, kemosabe.

And of course, the ongoing SONNYBOO PODCAST series too. Simple greenscreen things I can shoot, edit, animate, and deliver in no time. Or a few other ideas that are more simple documenting of simple ideas and thoughts fall into the Sonnyboo Podcast as well. There are already 6-7 more of these either scripted or outlined to get shot over time.

And the white whale in my world is ACCIDENTAL ART as a feature film. I still feel like I have to earn this. I’m still doing all the aforementioned projects as a form of scrimmage, practice before the big game. Building up my stamina, exercising the skills set needed, and finding the best possible team to make this happen. I feel like the script is a winning lottery ticket and I don’t yet deserve to cash it in.

I also have a new book I’ve been writing. Musing on aspect of pop culture and multimedia, where it’s been and where I think it’s heading. If could get 2 weeks vacation, I could write the bulk of the book and then whittle away at it for a few months and finish it off…. in fact this entire blog started as a writing exercise to get me to write more of that book. The words “epic fail” come to mind.

The game is to try to get as many of these projects finished before the end of 2014. Let’s see how close I can get. I want to put out an average of 1 new SOMETHING a week, if not 2 for the rest of the year.

“You got your world together everything’s lookin’ alright. Tonight there’s no tomorrow this is gonna be the one. It’s gonna be a beautiful night.”
– Prince

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