Did a pickup shoot for the mockumentary, total skeleton crew. Shot in 4K Ultra HD to match everything else. This makes the 4th brand ofPJR camera used in the overall piece. From a JVC HD110 to Panasonic AF100 to the Sony FS7 and now the Blackmagic Designs URSA Mini Pro, this style of shooting doesn’t require matching cameras per se.

Yesterday was spent immersed in the edit and re-edit. This lead to, as it always has, making significant and seemingly insignificant changes. The run time was at 13 minutes and 24 seconds. I added about 90 seconds of new material and removed about a minute and 10 seconds from the old run time. Basically for about 15 seconds added run time, I got a full minute’s worth of new material in.

My concern is that if I keep tinkering, I will simply being making lateral changes as opposed to making it better. Part of the problem is having a ton of GOOD material to play with. George and Joe had given me such an abundance of funny material for this over the past 8 years.

Luckily in the new online era of Film Festival submissions, digital uploads make everything easier. From their judging and acceptance aspect and for delivery of a playable file, everything has simplified. Even better for me, making changes means that they will always have the most up to date edit to use. Worst case scenario now is that if they viewed and accepted the film from an earlier draft, they can still play the new version at the festival. Since my run time was barely affected, I won’t offend any festival programmers, at least with the run time as I am certain the film itself will offend many.

Grand total of 32 film festival submissions thus far. I’ll consider a few more in January or early February and then just ride out the festival run with some trips to see the movie with audiences. I really want to make another film or two in the earlier part of 2018. I liked this and want to continue the creative process as I have. It’s a pure joy to get back to MAKING movies.

That and to feel the warm embrace of people demonstrating they care. I feel loved right now. So many friends have come through for me on so many levels. It’s hard not to emanate gratitude to all these people who are here for me. Don’t mistake that as the holiday season, because you know, Bah Humbug and all. Just feeling sentimental about people’s general goodness, not a seasonal one.

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