Did my seminar yesterday at the Worthington High School. I went with a new demonstration, which might wind up becoming a new video. Showing that in the 21st Century, something like a boom mic in the shot or crew member shadow doesn’t mean you have to trash the take anymore. Now we still don’t want to adopt the policy of “We’ll fix it in post”, but that is becoming far more the norm every day. I wound up doing my 25 minute presentation 3 times for 3 groups of 20+ high school students. As I near my decision making process of what to do with the rest of my life, teaching seems like the easy answer.

It isn’t. There are no easy answers. I have to start working towards the horizon sooner or later. All my personal shiite is nearing the absolute end. My financial position gets better every single day. New Rossdonia continues to metamorphize into the home I’ve always wanted. It may not be the fantasy castle, but the books and bookshelves facsimilate the library along with the penultimate man-cave make it quite cozy for me and the boys.

Sick again. I hate this. Headaches, can’t smell or taste, sleep problematic. Plans for edits and animations just went out the window as snot flows from my nostrils like a faucet. As you enjoy that mental image, know that I am in physical pain all over.

“Angel came down from heaven yesterday. She stayed with me just long enough to rescue me”
– Jimi Hendrix

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