And I thought things were going to slow down. Nope. At least my luck has been shifting into the ever-better category. I thought one aspect of my life was about to become uncomfortable, and I got a reprieve. I thought my transmission was failing, and I spent $3 on fuel injection cleaner and solved the problem. I believed my payday was almost a month away and the check arrived in the mail. Missed FedEx, but the lens showed up anyways. Sometimes, life is better to me than I deserve.
 Got a new podcast shot with the new lens. Won’t have time to edit it until next week. Paid work comes first. Next on deck comes FRAMELINES. Lining up a bunch of interviews and shoots for FRAMELINES. Hopefully we can get the new host shot this coming week too. That means a few episodes can get hobbled together in the next month or two.

I wrote the host scripts last night. Had insomnia, as seeing AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 wrecked my sleep schedule, so I was up anyways. This weekend is about scripts, interview questions, script breakdowns, and then the continuation of Spring Cleaning.

Taking a 2nd look at a house I might buy. If my friends that are far more handy than I approve, and if upon a 2nd glance it feels right to me, I’ll start my bidding process. I need to get into a place, if for no other reason than the removal of that stress creeping in the back of my skull.

The new lens gets me excited. The possibilities, the looks, and the range of the cameras now mean I have everything I need for what I want to do next. Plotting out when, where, and how to shoot means filling what little free time with proper pre-production, which includes some casting.

I’ve got video terms tests to grade, a high school film festival to judge, I’m helping out the Emmy’s judging a category for another market, and doing the same for the Columbus International Film Festival as well.

“you ain’t never caught a rabbit and you ain’t no friend of mine.”
– Elvis Presley

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