My hopes with RELATIONSHIP CARD was that it would go “viral”, meaning take off as people see it, like it, and pass it on. This may or may not happen at the levels of millions of views, but so far it has developed some legs of its own in very little time. The first day I publicly posted it on VIMEO.COM, it had 300+ views. The next day, it dropped to 170, the day after 160, and then I started to think it would sink into the 10’s and 20’s and eventually go single digits day after day like all my other videos. Suddenly, it went back to 170, and the next day 200+ and today is on track to go about 200 again. So far 1,300+ views on VIMEO, not including the other sites (Yahoo Video, FunnyorDie, etc.). Not bad for very little promotion.┬áLuckily the “referrers” are showing that 2 different Spanish sites are linking to it and racking up the most views for me. There are a few other sites that are more for “people”, meaning not friends, family, or most importantly Filmmakers. I find filmmakers in most cases are the worst audiences. They either want to dissect the production or they have such odd tastes that entertainment and losing themselves into a movie is the furthest thing from their minds. This was evident in the local Indie Club screening. Getting laughs was like a dentist pulling a tooth out with that vice. The Cleveland Indie Club screening was much looser and more enjoyable, plus I got Marie’s Pizza again en route.

I am taking both RELATIONSHIP CARD and REFRACTORY to a few festivals this summer. I’m mastering a DVD this week and prepping the new “festival” packet to promote both works.

Will RELATIONSHIP CARD go big? I have no idea. Of course I want it to, but it takes support and I don’t have the endless amounts of time I used to have. Besides I want to prep the next project, which some people already know about, but it’s a secret so if you know about it and you shouldn’t, then you should tell me you know, but don’t tell anyone else what you know or if you even know it.

Peace out

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