Got the piece shot, but a no-go on the HD-SDI experiment. I could get 60i, but no 24P (60 interlaced fields versus 24 progressive, whole frames per second). I liked the aesthetic of 24 frames per second, a holdover from the film days because it is a perfect frame rate for capturing motion with the right amount of motion blur to look normal. I am happy with the piece, will probably have it online within a day or so because it’s such a minimal amount of graphics, at least comparatively speaking. I think many things will be cleared up in the near future. All I need to do is get a few things lined up all proper, then I will feel like progress in my life will have taken place. Putting an end to a long awaited chapter of my life feels like unadulterated relief.

Watched THE SHINING, continuing the Kubrick screenings begun a week ago with 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY. He was a master of cinema, no question. One of the things interesting with these viewings is I am getting something completely different from the movies than I ever got before. As I age, the interpretation and meanings change. The somewhat “open ended” approach to Kubrick movies ferments like a fine wine.

For some reason I felt compelled to spend a little extra money on me this weekend. I did. Some new clothes, a few new things for New Rossdonia, and over abundance of cat food. I got around to the cleaning since today I am expecting a few visitors throughout the day. I haven’t been entertaining much lately and that needs to change.

“I’m perfectly lonely ’cause I don’t belong to anyone & nobody belongs to me”
– John Mayer

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