Headed out to Dayton today to do an interview for a show there. I’m also going to drop off episods of FRAMELINES and also CLIP FRAMES for broadcast there too. Multipurpose trips always placate my Obsessive-Compulsive side. FRAMELINES has a new host for season 2! The GATEWAY FILM CENTER’s own Johnny DiLoretto has joined our team and will introduce all the new episodes.

He is the co-host of WCBE’s Foodcast and the award-winning Cinema Classics. He is also the co-creator and co-star of the new show Columbusland, which can be seen exclusively at the GATEWAY FILM CENTER’s. Johnny formerly worked for Good Day Columbus with WSYX/WTTE Channel 6/28 in Columbus as a reporter.

So far, nothing has derailed my plans to buy the house. Credit and finances in order. Plans and ideas still formulating in my brain. Where this goes, need to buy that, will repair this, and replace that. Lord, this is an enormous undertaking at a time when I’m already busy as hell and full of so much ambition.

The key is balance. Thankfully, I think this new place will relieve more stress than it causes. Having a dedicated edit suite/home office will separate fun from work, and yet be so near to a stress free environment too, in that my plans for the new home theater arrangement will be a joy to behold.

Waiting for the closing, so I can even START any of this equates to a pain in the back of my skull. Imma gonna need a vacation. That ain’t gonna happen anytime soon. All my money is going towards the house and the upcoming shoots. I will have to take time off to renovate and paint the house, and that will mean UNPAID work! Circumstance has robbed me of a treat I was hoping for, which is old lady cat Cossette was possibly going to be with me for a short while and that ain’t happening now.

Still, all things considered – I’m doing well. These stresses and pitfalls are minor quibbles in the grand scheme. So much is going right, even more going fantastic. Now, I am off to Dayton, and then returning to edit a Sonnyboo Podcast.

“Started out this morning feeling so polite I always thought a fish could not be caught who wouldn’t bite”
– Starlight Express

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