Things are moving fast. All kinds of paperwork and $900.00 in on the new house already, and there’s no guarantee I’ll absolutely get it. The Movie Cliche shoot is coming up and I need to move pretty darn quick. I must be a complete idiot with all that is going in personally to try to not only do a shoot, but to increase my ambitions the way I have. Of Course, the other option is to re-enter the creative coma I was in, devoid of energy, light, and miserable. Nah, I’ll take the stress and keep on making things. No time for love Doctor Jones, I have boxes tied to my shoes to reach the pedals and I intend to punch it, regardless of those guys from Club Obi Wan chasing us from the Shanghai Mafia.

Auditions, trying to meet some new actors I’ve never worked with, and maybe see some familiar faces. I want to branch out a bit to new people, although I have several people I love working with right now. Mixing it up and having fun, that’s what these no budget shoots should be about.

Even if I’m straining my wallet a bit at a time when I should be saving. I’m saving my soul, so it’s worth every nickel. This impending move, the costs involved in buying a house, not to mention the mountains of paperwork, all conspire to bring me down. I shan’t let it. I must keep making movies, at least keep the promise of shooting.

The Sonnyboo Podcast I just put out is doing well. It seems like there is an audience for these, and time will tell. That is the truest test for these, TIME. Creating a deluge of content, keep pumping it out, and letting the backlog get discovered when one of these “hits”, then we’ll see if I really am connecting.

Maybe I won’t. That’s okay too. I’m making something for me, because it makes me happy. I have a new Podcast written, ready to go, but since I’m shooting this weekend on several other things, I’m putting off the shoot for another week or so.

The road goes ever on, my friends.

“I’ve come to accept that for lovelies you are a fanatic, but I can’t let that throw me into a genital panic”
– Tori Amos

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