I feel better. I feel better in every way. I’m still not ready to commit to another project, but at least my health improved, and with it my attitude. Taking advice I initially scoffed at from Sean McHenry of Deep Blue Edit fame, I’m going to start shooting some stuff for myself. Whether or not I do anything with it, I don’t know. I’m just going to shoot something either tomorrow or this weekend. This will be experimental in every way. It has no purpose or narrative. It’s just something I want to shoot just because I feel like it. Some will say it is vanity, others will find some meaning that was never intended. My reasons are more akin to just getting images and words out of my head and edited into something that may have no value whatsoever.

I don’t even consider this a ‘project’ per se. A distraction? I won’t waste any more time labeling it.

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Peter John Ross

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