Since last I updated, I have been both busy and bored. Shooting all over the state, editing for a few different companies, and when not doing any of that, working on my own stuff. Still no narrative filmmaking on the immediate horizon, just things that occupy my mind and easy to do, like the latest Sonnyboo Podcast, and redoing more greenscreen of the past year or so. Aside from that, I have been enjoying some movie time, chilling with the cats, and swimming like a shark. Upgraded my graphics card. This new beast is huge and takes 2 power cables to juice it. I had to buy adapters and splitters for the power supply. It’s on Adobe’s CUDA card list and most people would buy it for gaming whereas I am powering 4K camera footage. I need to cut down on render time in 4K as much as possible.

Once I get this monster installed, I should be prepared to upgrade to Adobe Creative Cloud. This has me kicking and screaming to be honest as I hate the monthly subscription based model. Unfortunately, the updates are getting to me since I edit with it on a few of my jobs at other studios. The Lumetri color and the Morph cut are pretty rad, I must admit.

Also looking to replace the Canon T2i as my simple shooting camera to the Blackmagic Designs Pocket Cinema Camera. I’ve been using so much Blackmagic gear lately with the Cinema camera, the Ursa, Ursa Mini, and directing using the ATEM hardware/software combo that it kind of makes some sense. It’s only a 1080P camera, which is all I need for my shoots.

I got another 5 Terabyte external drive to move all my raw footage off to as I get into more projects. This lead to an intense file restructuring and clean up of my drives. I found a ton more footage in the wrong place as I started using Adobe Bridge to rename all the digital files of “0001.mts” and “217405787.mp4” and “MVI_1526.MOV” to something more descriptive.

Life is better when I have something constructive to do with my time, even if it is re-doing something from the not so distant past.

“When you know who you are,
And can see through your veils,
Your old fears become wind in your sails,
Then your heart heat unfurled,
From the hypnosis of your world,
When you know who you are,
The darkness the light, love loves it all,
Cause love has no fight, what has passed is a dream,
What is not here is not what it seems,
So pull yourself together now”
– Damien Rice

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