Man! Things continue the upswing. First and foremost, got the house. New Rossdonia will be no more. Rossland? Ross Angeles? Rosstopia? I cannot name the place until I move in and get it all setup. Things for the upcoming Movie Cliche are so smoothly coming together, I cannot believe how lucky I am.
 The costume I have envisioned came together in one store that I happened to stop in on the way to the studio for a shoot for FRAMELINES. Everything to the “T” and that is rare. I have always felt like if you get 50% of what you envision on screen, that is a rousing success.

The Sonnyboo Intern Army got a lot done in 2 days for FRAMELINES. I’ve got several new Roundtable segments for broadcast and web only (and Clip Frames) cut together. In the very near future (minutes), those will get the music, intros, lower 3rds, and final tweaks on these before I head out to do another shoot this afternoon to help out a friend.

Yesterday, shot a Featured Filmmaker segment for FRAMELINES, got 3 new On Location segments with interviews and B-Roll shot out. We’re assembling enough material for 4 new episodes! FRAMELINES starts a new rennaisance in a few short weeks.

My lord, I am about to own a house. All the work, all the repairs, and headaches…. I cannot wait! I’m going to make a new home. I’ve been in New Rossdonia for 10 years. Rossdom, my prior home I lived in for 8.5 years. I don’t move often. As sentimental as I am about all I’ve done to this condo over the last 2 years – This new place might be a significant step forward on whatever my new path is.

Hot damn! This new place has a bar – the new home theater setup will be so far off the hook, you won’t be able to hang your hat on it. I’ll have a separate office for editing at home. All it will take is several dozen hours and enormous stress to move my entire world from one place to another….

“I’ve been down this road, walking the line that’s painted by pride and i have made mistakes in my life that i just can’t hide.”
– Vonda Shepard

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