Shoot went fantastic yesterday. I had fun, got everything I wanted, actors were good, improv’d a little, and the camera work was staggeringly good. The camera never stopped moving. Not a single static shot in the piece. It’s meant to be a higher tension, action movie-style bit, so the movement is justified. The audio is a concern as a band was rehearsing nearby the entire time, so the likelihood of ADR is high. My goal was not only to get the shoot, but work with some new crew, especially DP, and start to rebuild a regular group of people to work with. Not only to get good work, but to have fun too. Mission accomplished.

We’re already plotting the next few shoots. I am glad I waited. I could have gone and shot these things a long time ago, but then they wouldn’t be great. I don’t want to do work just to have it done. I want to make work that makes me proud, that improves upon what I’ve done in the past.

Two words I don’t like anymore are “Good Enough“. I don’t think any great movie, TV show, or song that people love was just something thrown together where the artists who made it said, “Eh, that’s good enough. ” I am aspiring to make better movies than what I made before. That means pushing myself harder and aiming for “Good” and that rules out “Good Enough“.

Getting excited, looking forward to more shoots, cannot wait to edit, and looking at things to shoot next; that’s what helps to work with younger people. Youth inspires the old. Collaborating always yields a greater than the individual components.

I am still getting used to being alone. I was alone most of my life. I was in love in my teens, then spent the majority of the next decade without any single person lasting very long. Now, trying to adjust means getting comfortable in my own skin. I don’t want to be with someone just because I don’t want to be alone. I don’t want to be co-dependent on some other person, taking advantage of them to further my own agenda.

So far, so good. I’m taking care of business on my own. I’m feeling better about who and what I am becoming. Still mid-transition, but this is the right direction.

“Some will sell their dreams for small desires or lose the race to rats. Get caught in ticking traps and start to dream of somewhere to relax their restless flight “
― Rush

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