Going to speak at the Adobe Users Group. The topic I’m speaking on will be organization. This week that will be incredibly ironic given the disarray my personal and professional life is in, but at least there will be some cosmic humor in it. Some celestial beings can mock my struggles as I move across the chessboard that is life. Today was my last day with a class that I probably won’t get to be with again before they graduate. I’m sentimental. We went out for wings, since I acquired several “50 Free Wings” vouchers for BW3’s. Good time, good times.

MRSA crept back up. I’m bleeding on my legs and other less comfortable places. The Tea Tree Oil isn’t working as it did before. I think the infection mutated and the incredible effectiveness of Tea Tree Oil has dissipated. Usually this stuff knocks out the skin infections inside of a day, now it’s not only failing to work, but the MRSA is coming back in days not weeks.

I’m broken. Physically, emotionally, and mentally. I’m broken. No, I don’t think permanently, but for right now, I’m torn apart and the pieces don’t fit together.

I crave peace. I’m trying to control my own feelings, my own thoughts. Some days I win, others I lose. Today I lost. Tomorrow will be a better day. One of my idols, Sting, once wrote “There are no victories, in all our histories without love. ” I don’t have any idea why these words bring me such solace right now, but they do.

I have work to do, both for me and for pay. The world keeps on spinning.

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