I’m about to watch a great and hardly seen movie called SMILLA’S SENSE OF SNOW with Julia Ormand, Gabriel Byrne, and Richard Harris from 1996. Given how popular GIRL WITH A DRAGON TATTOO hit, this northern icy European mystery starring a wiley female lead will hit the spot. My brain needs some movie time. Feed the monster. Soon after movie time will be a fried food coma, then some After Effects animation to finish another podcast video. I’ve got all my elements and I even stumbled upon what the animation pattern will be.

I might have written this already somewhere, but the toughest thing about a blank canvas is having too many options and never having any idea where to start. With animation like this, I have logos and images and an endless number of ways to put them on screen. There’s the X Y coordinates + Z depth and null objects that just mean you can go anywhere and do anything.

That’s daunting. Especially when 99.99% of the viewers will never know or care about how or why you did it.

Content is king. I’m not making these for anyone but myself, although I do hope someone gets something out of them.

I installed a multi-coat hanger rack on the wall tonight; all by myself. Also, based on a meme, I hung one of those door hanger shoe organizers in the hall closet and put all my cleaning supplies in it. That was incredibly handy and space saving.

Doing laundry and watching movies all day. That sounds like a great way to spend a Saturday. I am on a Blu Ray purchasing embargo until I watch everything I’ve already bought. I have hundreds of movies, including HD-DVD’s from 2008 that still haven’t been watched. It’s amazing to have so many films and not be in the mood to watch a single one of them. I just have to break down and put something in anyways.

“Is that the stars in the sky or is it raining far from now? Will it burn me if I touch the sun, so bit, so round?”
– Jimi Hendrix

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