Ah, a real day off. Did wonders for the creativity. I edited last night for myself from the shoot last Sunday. Incredible footage also helps in making decisions. When you’re picking from all great possibilities as opposed to necessity makes editing sometimes a little harder, except this time I had a vision for how to put this jigsaw puzzle together from the get-go. Normally I have one assistant editor at home, namely Vladimir Jack Bauer, my tuxedo cat. This time I had 3 with the addition of Thing 1 and Thing 2, the temporary kittens I am trying to rehome. So one cat on the desk, one on my shoulder, and the last on on my lap. It was a challenge to get things done, but I overcame the obstacles.

I slept in, ate well, did some cleaning, and watched a movie, The Hobbit extended edition. It all felt good, most especially getting to editing. Editing because I felt like it, in the mood, made a huge difference. Being burned out or exhausted ain’t no way to be creative, especially with post production.

Today, I continue the edit and post production and hopefully see a final product in the Movie Cliché series. I am still intending to rock these all out as much as possible soon.

If I make anymore of the Cats in Rossdonia series, I might figure out how to get the newly acquired GoPro camera attached to one of them to get HD footage of them doing what they do.

Still, I need even more time soon. I need to recharge my batteries, relax, take in some deep contemplation about life and the universe. And eat Reese Cups. That too.

“Everybody’s got to leave the darkness sometime. I’m so happy that I can’t stop crying”
― Sting

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