Inspiration and ideas are a-flowing. Knowing where to begin and how a movie ends; that’s the hardest part. Getting these things out of your head and onto a screen; that’s the best. I’ve got script written for the shoot on Friday and I’ve got to schedule a new shoot for the podcast series ASAP. We got 3 new prime lenses at the studio to go with our AF100, along with a nice rig with Matte Box, rods, follow focus and HD moniter. I think we’re going to start renting packages out for DSLR and the other cameras. We’ve got two dollies and a jib that don’t get used near enough.

I’ve increased my walking exponentially from a year ago. Still not losing a lot of weight. I think I hit the threshold until I start eating better. I was hoping the chicken tender/Coca-Cola diet was going to pan out, but 40 years later, I’m still gaining the pounds. I’m almost ready to give up the “Triple By-pass Diet“.

Finished an enormous work project. Last minute rush jobs always keep sleep from being restful, especially with a lot of revisions. You learn over time to accept revisions and nitpicking to be a part of the process for clients. It’s not personal; it’s not even a pain in the neck, it just is. You do the work and know that it’s a part of the job.

I’m really pushing the limits of what I have time for. Doing a 9-10 hour teaching day, then rushing to the studio or home to edit for several more hours just wear me down. Lorenzo the kitten has rebelled. He really feels he isn’t getting his Big Poppa Time. I try to give him a minimum of 20 minutes of laser pointer exercise a day.

Back to the script writing! I have to prepare for teleprompter on Thursday. I hope I’m better rested for this.

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