My summer just got booked up real fast. I have been invited to be a panelist or moderator for indie film panels at 3 different events, two of which are coming up in June. Next weekend I’ll have a vendor booth to sell my wares, but this time I’m bringing a ton of free stuff to give away, some articles and bonus materials. I will be quite visible in the indie film world this summer. There’s the HORROR HOTEL convention in Cleveland on June 6th, then a week later the Cleveland 48 Hour Film Project has a seminar where I will be on the panel. After that a new film festival in Cincinnati has asked me to speak too. Things are just revving up on that circuit.

I am still just taking it easy. Lots of grilling, although not nearly as much movie watching as I’d hoped. Even though I’m on a break from my own projects, paid work has ramped back up and I have become exceptionally busy. Which is good because money is a necessity. Owning a home ain’t cheap.

I have been boning up on some stuff, mostly for client/paid work, and also for the new classes I’m teaching. Been learning a lot about the puppet tools and animation of 2D characters. Not something I want to get too deep into, but it sure does help with client work when you only have still images to work from. Way more dynamic, interesting, and visually stimulating.

The kitten CC has been a hilarious creature to live with. She’s a bundle of joy and a demon wrapped into a tiger furball. Lorenzo loves her, I mean loves her. They play all the time. “V” hates them both and I got my face scratched with 3 big scars stopping him from killing her. He’s an asshole, but he’s my asshole so I tolerate him. No one else would.

“In a hundred years from now
They will attempt to tell us how
A scientific means to bliss
Will supercede the human kiss”
– Sting

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